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“Chiropractic care is a drug-free, non-invasive treatment supporting the body’s musculoskeletal (MSK) system and associated neurological function.  Treatments are hands-on, non-invasive and drugless practice that is safe and effective for the management of MSK conditions – from small children to elderly adults to pregnant women to Olympic athletes”  -Canadian Chiropractic Association.

Our Chiropractors address a number of musculoskeletal conditions ranging from impaired mobility, postural dysfunction, joint restriction, repetitive strain injuries, tendonitis, nerve entrapment, headaches, and migraines. As well as specific treatments associated with common pregnancy complaints, such as back and hip pain, SI joint pain, pubic symphysis dysfunction, and more.

Our goal is to keep you moving.

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Pain and stiffness can result from spinal restrictions, muscle tension, and injuries.  Our Chiropractors use a combination of techniques to improve your mobility, reduce stiffness, and alleviate pain.

Your first appointment.

During your initial appointment, your chiropractor will perform a detailed health intake, initial assessment, and establish a plan of care.  Assessing your body mechanics, spinal alignment, leg length, and any pelvic imbalances is key in determining the appropriate treatment approach.  By the end of your first appointment, you’ll have a better understanding of your injury, start to experience relief of your symptoms and leave with homecare recommendations.  Treatments are included during an initial appointment.

Your Treatments.

Our chiropractors use a diverse approach to treatment with a focus on body function by utilizing multiple modalities of treatment. Your treatment may consist of soft tissue techniques, gentle manipulations of the spine, exercise rehab, and/or acupuncture.

Activator®: is a chiropractic technique utilizing a hand-held instrument. The Activator Method® is one of the most widely studied chiropractic techniques. This technique requires additional training and is the only instrument adjusting technique with clinical trials to support its efficacy.  Patients appreciate the gentle approach that Activator provides while being very effective.

Active Release Techniques® (ART): is a myofascial technique whereby a practitioner shortens the tissue, contacts the area of tension/restrictions and then lengthens the tissue underneath the practitioner’s hand.  This technique is highly beneficial for overuse injuries.  As well as, circumstances where scar tissue has developed or restricted ranges of movement have occurred.  ART is useful in increasing range of motion and reducing pain. [Learn More]

Exercise Rehabilitation:  as a part of your comprehensive treatment you’ll receive homecare recommendations specific for your injury.

Graston Technique:  effective treatment addressing scar tissue and fascial restrictions for chronic soft-tissue injuries and post-surgical scars.  Restores range of motion, reduces pain and stiffness to restore normal function.

Medical Acupuncture: aides in the healing and repair process of injuries.  Often used as a complimentary modality to soft tissue release.  Our chiropractors have completed medical acupuncture training through McMaster University.

Prenatal Chiropractic

Webster Technique:  is beneficial in preparing pregnant women for birth.  This gentle approach addresses the pelvis and SI joints allowing for an easier labour, aiding in breech presentations, and easing back and hip discomfort. The Webster Technique is a specific and gentle chiropractic assessment and treatment protocol used in pregnancy to facilitate pelvic balance and decrease the stress and strain on the muscles and ligaments attached to the uterus. [Learn More]

Birth Fit:  is a movement and an approach to help women through the pregnancy journey, the transition to postpartum, and the postpartum stage.
Through pregnancy and postpartum, core dysfunction can present itself as pelvic floor dysfunction (including incontinence, pain, and leakage), diastasis recti, back pain, chest breathing or poor posture.
Birth Fit professionals are trained to address these issues and guide women through prenatal and postnatal rehab to get the body ready for the demands of pregnancy and to help restore the body post partum. This is done through the functional progression exercises that help teach you how to recruit the deep core muscles which include the diaphragm, pelvic floor, obliques, rectus and transverse abdominus, and the spinal erector muscles.[Learn More]

Our Chiropractors

Looking for a Chiropractor in Toronto? We’ve got you covered. Ohana Wellness Clinic is conveniently located in the heart of Bloor West Village, in Toronto’s west end.

Dr. Natalie Leib and  Dr. Serena Granzotto each bring a wealth of experience in treating recreational, professional, and Olympic athletes. They promote a healthy, active lifestyle and fully understand the demands training places on the body.  In addition to helping athletes and weekend warriors they also treat postural dysfunctions, headaches, back pain, pregnancy complaints and more. Dr.Leib has additional training in treating pregnancy conditions using Webster Technique and BirthFit.  To learn more about their treatment options and areas of expertise please view their bios.

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