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Couples Counselling

couples counselling

Couples counselling is helpful to address problems in relationships that are causing stress and a breakdown of communication.

Counselling can also be preventative providing a means to strengthen a relationship or, as is the case in pre-marital counselling, deal with differences causing friction before marriage.

Sometimes, marriage counselling helps couples clarify whether they want to separate or work through their issues and stay together.

Common issues addressed in Couples Counselling include:

  • communication breakdown, either strained or challenging
  • blending families
  • substance abuse
  • physical or mental health issues
  • anger
  • parenting challenges that are causing friction between partners
  • finding a solution to negative patterns
  • infidelity
  • sexual issues

When two people are finding themselves at a crossroad in their relationship, therapy can help. Our Couples Therapists are here to support you and your partner. Allowing you both to gain new insights, communicate effectively, and work through conflict within your relationship. Our goal is to create a safe space to allow both people to speak openly and create a new dialogue to help a couple find a place of trust and intimacy again.

Andrew Goldstein, Pablo Petrucci, Emma Turner, and Kim Tanzer offer couples counselling.

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