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Krista Burns, RD

Nutrition Counselling – Krista Burns, RD

Krista Burns dietitianKrista Burns, RD is a Registered Dietitian and works with you to identify and address your nutrition concerns.

Nervous about seeing a registered dietitian? Don’t be! Dietitians help translate the complex science of nutrition into practical healthy eating solutions for you and your family. Whether you are looking for a complete overhaul of your eating habits and managing dietary restrictions.  Or looking for help and inspiration with meal planning, we can help.

With over 12 years experience as a registered dietitian, Krista’s area of expertise is infant, child and family focused nutrition. She provides personalized nutrition counselling on a range of topics.  These include: introducing solid foods to your baby, managing your picky eaters, and supporting your active, growing teens. She works with pregnant moms and new moms to ensure they are meeting their unique nutrition needs. Krista helps busy families come up with strategies to plan quick, delicious, and healthy meals to ease the burden parents feel around meal time.

Krista believes that creating a solid foundation of healthy eating habits early in life is important for growth and development and also to reap health benefits later in life. Her passion is arming parents with knowledge and skills to confidently feed their families healthy, delicious meals. Drawing on her own experience as a mom as well as the parents she works with, she provides practical strategies to deal with the daily struggles of feeding babies and children.

In addition to working at Ohana Wellness Clinic, Krista also works on nutrition policy for Health Canada. Additionally, she is a sessional instructor at the University of Toronto in the Masters of Public Health, Nutrition and Dietetics program.

She has a Masters in Community Health specializing in Public Health Nutrition from the University of Toronto along with degrees in Food and Nutrition and Kinesiology. She is also a mom with two young, energetic children who constantly put her nutrition knowledge and strategies to the test.

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Areas of Specialty

1) Pregnancy and Children
Krista has special interest in pregnancy, infant, child and family focused nutrition.  She provides personalized nutrition counselling to help you introduce solid foods to your baby, manage your picky eaters, and support your active, growing teens. She helps pregnant moms and new moms to ensure they are meeting their unique nutrition needs. Krista helps busy families come up with strategies to plan quick, healthy meals so less time is spent wondering what to make for dinner.

2) Nutrition for Athletes
Krista has the knowledge and skills to support active lifestyles. She knows first hand the benefits of eating to support physical activity  Whether its running, cycling or just maintaining an active lifestyle, she can help you develop a healthy eating plan to optimize your training and performance.

3) General Health
Krista is also able to counsel clients with a wide range of concerns.  These include heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.  As well as those interested in sport nutrition.


What to Expect

At your initial assessment you will meet with Krista to review your goals, medical and health history, activity level and eating habits.  As well as your lifestyle and food preferences. From there, Krista Burns will work with you to make a plan that is tailored to you. Follow-up appointments vary depending on your needs. Packages are available for multiple sessions based on your specific needs.

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