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4-Week Fasting with Fat for 2019

Upcoming Seminar:
Fasting with Fat for 2019!

fasting with fat

Are you interested in learning about fasting, its benefits and the best protocol for you?

Are you interested in learning about reduced carbohydrate eating for wellness?


Join me for a four-week educational and interactive intro to fasting and low carbohydrate fueling.  Each session will consist of a brief presentation followed by a discussion(Q&A) and homework suggestions for the week.  Please feel free to bring some paper/pen to take a few notes.

Date: Starting Sunday January 27, 2019
Location:  Ohana Wellness Clinic
Speaker: Dr. Serena Granzotto
Time: 3:30-4:30pm
Cost: $50


To Register, please call (416) 820 8588 or email
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