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Affordable Therapy

affordable therapy

In light of the upcoming Mental Health Awareness month this fall, we’re offering 20% off* Psychotherapy appointments.

We recognize that this year’s return to school is challenging for many. Parents, teachers, and children are feeling elevated stress and facing difficult decisions. Along with the natural challenges around fall and change of seasons.

Stress can manifest itself in various ways, such as anxiety, depression, addictions, eating disorders, etc. Many people are struggling with existing mental health challenges or experiencing new challenges and seeking coping mechanisms.

Proving affordable therapy for individuals, couples, and children.

Affordable Therapy

We’re passionate in helping people and providing affordable therapy options where ever they may be on their journey. During September and October we’re providing affordable therapy solutions.

Booking a Therapy Appointment

Appointments available in-person at our beautiful clinic in Bloor West Village or via Virtual video appointments. During COVID-19 we strongly recommend Virtual appointments at this time, however accommodations can be made for in-person on a case-by-case basis.

*20% off available with Shannon Burton, Andrew Goldstein, Kim Tanzer, and Pablo Petrucci. For more details on an individual therapist view our TEAM page.

Learn more about Psychotherapy HERE.

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