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How Psychotherapy (a.k.a Counselling) helps us feel better.


Where to Begin?

The first step in counselling is finding a therapist who you’re comfortable with and is the right fit. Talking with a therapist can bring relief from emotional stress in a number of ways. The act of verbalizing our feelings to another human being who is genuinely concerned has healing benefits.  Sensing that someone is really listening can help us feel less alone with those feelings.  It can also make us motivated to be creative in dealing with the challenges we are facing.

How does it work?

The type of conversation during counselling can change the way a person understands those feelings through providing insights (the ‘whys’), how those feelings interfere with wellbeing (the ‘hows’), and what strategies work to provide relief (the ‘to do’s’).  This is achieved by utilizing techniques which aim at changing a person’s response to stress and pain for the rest of their life. In other words, therapy can fundamentally change the way a person experiences life’s challenges. To be clear, there are no guarantees during a session, but very often it creates a shift in how people respond to stress in the future, even after therapy has ended.

How can counselling provide fulfillment and happiness?

Therapy helps a person listen to their body signals. Science is helping us understand that mental wellness is greatly affected by what is happening in the body, particularly in the gut. We now know it’s not a coincidence that we use the phrase,  “my gut feeling”.  Acknowledging the body’s signals can help a person with anxiety or depression.  For example, gain insight, and a deeper sense of control when coupled with lifestyle changes. A therapist can assist a person in determining what the body is communicating, and what other health professionals can potentially assist.

One final thing to say – therapy can be fun! Huh? Yes! My clients tell me they feel better after talking about their problems, and using laughter in session to ease tension and give room for joy.
I encourage you to consider if talk therapy would be useful for helping you feel better too.

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