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What is Electroacupuncture

Electricity and Acupuncture = Electroacupuncture! Not only does it feel great, it’s also an incredibly effective treatment for a variety of health issues. Little electrode clips are attached to specific acupuncture needles where a low-grade electrical impulse is sent through the needle.  It generates a moderate, consistent stimulation on the acupuncture points and enhances the outcome of treatments. 

This technique treats a variety of conditions ranging from muscle pain and tension, neurological conditions, and Reproductive Health. 

ElectroAcupuncture for Reproductive Health improves:

  • pelvic blood flow
  • egg quality
  • endometrial receptivity
  • uterine lining
  • sperm parameters and motility

    It also:
  • promotes ooctye development in women with PCOS
  • relieves menstrual pain
  • induces ovulation
  • increases testosterone levels
  • supports thermoregulation of the scrotum/testes

ElectroAcupuncture for Injuries:

  • helps with pain management
  • assists in overall healing
  • increases localized circulation to affected muscle or tendon
  • promotes healthy muscle contraction in a weak muscle

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