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If you are either Frontline, First Responder, or working in a Grocery Store we want to give you a big “THANK YOU”.  While many of us are able to remain comfortably in our homes, there are many who are working in the frontlines and providing us with essential services.  We recognize the challenges and difficulties that working in this current situation is.  We are offering reduced rates on many of our virtual appointment. Available for all First Responder, Frontline, and Grocery Store Staff, no questions asked.  

Our way of being there for you..


The need for talk therapy has never been greater. During a pandemic, it could be normal to experience many different emotions, both from current stressors and from your past. All of which can be very overwhelming. We have discounted rates for frontline workers.

Working with you to acknowledge and gain clarity on your experience, while developing tools to support you through this unique and challenging time. They aim to work with you to come up with tangible solutions to implement in your life now and to navigate your situation.

Acute Care Consult with an RMT

We understand working as a frontline worker has many physical challenges. Many are working long hours, in undesirable environments. If you are experiencing ongoing pain or discomfort we have tools to help. Our team of RMT’s utilize their anatomical knowledge in providing self-care recommendations to stretch, strengthen, ice or heat your area of discomfort. Appointments can be arranged with either Sarah Nottingham or Yvonne Marrello.