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Menopause and Naturopathy

What is Menopause:

Menopause is a natural transition in a woman’s life signalling physiological hormonal shifts that mark the end of menstruation.

During this time women can experience physical and emotional changes.  A significant amount of our energy, that fuelled the pursuits of the first half of life such as developing a career, raising children, providing for ourselves and our families, are now shifting.

Not all women experience a smooth transition and can be plagued with distressing symptoms well into the menopause years.

Menopause can start well before your periods stop altogether.  Some early signs of menopause can be:

  • declining sleep quality
  • occasional insomnia
  • gradual weight gain and bloating
  • swelling of ankles
  • waves of anxiety or depression (even in those that never suffered with it before)
  • new food sensitivities
  • hot flashes

Many women can experience occasional anovulatory cycles somewhere in their forties.  This occurs when ovulation does not take place.  Since progesterone is produced after ovulation, on those cycles, there is a relative excess of estrogen compared to the low progesterone. This hormonal imbalance combined with stress and nutritional deficiencies can lead to an imbalance in the gut bacteria.  Therefore, leading to symptoms such as bloating, weight gain and insulin resistance.

How Naturopathy Helps:

Traditional medicine uses hormone replacement.  Replacing hormones will address the symptoms but does not address the underlying adrenal imbalance or nutrient deficiencies that have led to the onset of symptoms.  Naturopathic treatment deals with and corrects these symptoms by providing balance for this changing landscape.  For a smooth transition into menopause, a naturopath uses herbs, foods, nutrients and natural remedies to help you in these changes within your body. Working with a naturopath to address core health issues, enables you to understand the changes, and take charge of your health.

Dr. Nahid Ahmedzadeh is a licensed Naturopath, practising at Ohana Wellness Clinic in Bloor west village. She has over 15yrs experience treating various conditions using natural remedies. Nahid’s practice has a focus on Gut health, Hormone imbalances and Immune health.
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