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Mindfulness for the Holidays

Mindfulness for the holidays

As lovely as the holidays can be, they can also be an emotional roller coaster. Finding a sense of calm with mindfulness during the holidays can help those feeling stressed. Feelings such as loneliness, isolation (especially this year with the pandemic) and the anticipation of intense family dynamics are a reality. We may find ourselves reverting back to past behaviours that don’t serve us and stem from our family of origin.

Mindfulness practices ask of us to be present to what is going on in the moment. Mindfulness teaches us to actively listen, to respond instead of react, to let go of judgment and to let go of expectations of perfection. When we get caught up in the idea of perfection we lose sight of what really matters — connection. Moreover, the rush to get everything done, and done perfectly, and then to document every moment for social media brings us stress instead of joy.

It is important to remember that we cannot change others but we can change how we respond to others. In other words, not letting our emotions highjack our behaviour.

Victor Frankl who was a Holocaust survivor, neurologist and psychiatrist underscored the importance of the pause in life. 

“Between Stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.”

Learning, understanding, and appreciating the pause is key in teaching mindfulness practice.

Learning how to regulate our emotions, responding rather than reacting. Allowing ourselves to feel our emotions without letting them take over and becoming less judgmental are all fundamental skills learned in mindfulness teachings.

Kim Tanzer, MSW RSW

Join Kim Tanzer for some mindfulness meditations that will help you feel calmer and more balanced during this holiday season and beyond. Our last class for this year focuses on mindfulness for the holidays and coping with holiday stress. Kim is an advocate of Mindfulness both in facilitating classes as well as incorporating it into her therapy practice. Mindfulness Mediation classes are offered monthly at Ohana Wellness Clinic. Currently available as a virtual class over zoom. Reserve your spot HERE.