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Reducing Stress with Mindfulness


Are you interested in attending a workshop on how to reduce stress using Mindfulness?  If so, we want to hear from you!

We’re currently gathering details on interest and potential lengths of workshops.

single, 3-4 hour workshop
• series of weekly 1.5 hour workshops, 4-6 weeks

• Preferred times: weekday mornings, afternoons, or evenings.  Saturdays or Sundays.

Email us at : or call the clinic at (416) 820 8588.

Mindfulness is a sense of awareness and bringing one’s attention to the present moment.  It can be a learned skill, as well as a philosophy for a way of living.  Have you ever felt so caught up in your worries and thoughts that you are unable to just be? You are not alone.

These workshops will be led by a Registered Psychotherapist and workshop facilitator.  Designed to be psychoeducational in nature, and not meant to replace therapy. Attendees will learn concrete skills to combat their stress and begin to develop a framework for becoming more mindful.
These workshops are geared towards adults, aged 18+.  However, if you are interested in offering workshops for your children or teens, click the link and comment with your requests and/or preferences.
Contact us with your interest, and stay tuned for further offerings.