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Trading Carbs for Fats!

Can we change the C-word to the F-word this Holiday Season?

trading carbs for fats

Trading Carbs for Fats

The holidays are approaching and many of us are thinking, “How am I going to maintain my healthy fitness and eating routines this holiday season?”.  The fear of trying to make “it” all fit in becomes very stressful and usually leads to skipping the workouts. As well asl, indulging in more carbohydrates- sugars which inevitably will lead to an increase in weight.

Holidays are a great time to feast and reconnect with families and friends.  Research shows that during the holiday season (roughly 6 weeks for our American friends) a majority of weight is gained in comparison to the rest of the year (NEJM, 2000:342-861-7). Some individuals try to rectify this immediately post holidays, with very little success. For us struggling and/or striving to achieve a healthy weight.  Or for those who just want to maintain their goal weight, we need to adequately plan ahead for these feasts.

What about Fasting?

Feasting is and has been a natural part of life across decades and cultures but the associated weight gain is a recent occurrence. The missing component is fasting.  Different religions, cultures and our ancestors all fasted at various times during the year; Lent, Ramadan; non-harvesting seasons.  Now, it appears that the word “fasting” equates to “starvation” as opposed to a recovery and resting period for our body.

There are many types of fasting protocols.  Most of us have experienced fasting without ever planning or thinking about it. For example, working all day and skipping lunch or rushing in the morning and not having breakfast; maybe some of us follow intermittent fasting- a time restricted eating and fasting pattern? Dr. Fung, a Canadian kidney specialist has extensively researched this topic and his book, “The Complete Book of Fasting” thoroughly explains why we should fast and how we can begin this process.

The C-word, carbohydrates,  are the main ingredient when it comes to holiday feasting. These are chains of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen molecules which the body breaks down into glucose or sugar. If the sugar is required by the body, it is used to generate energy, if it is not, it gets stored as fat by the fat storing hormone insulin.

The key to a happy and stress-free holiday season is to think about the F-word, fat. Fat is a large molecule consisting of glycerol and fatty acids. Eating healthy fats will keep you satiated for a longer period of time and it minimizes the insulin spikes, therefore, reducing the possibility of storing fat.

Tips for Holiday Feasting

  1. Eat prior to the party (1 avocado, handful of olives, 1tsp of MCT oil, 1 can of sardines)
  2. For potluck festivities, bring a dish you will enjoy that’s low in carbohydrates and high in healthy fats
  3. If you need a “carb fix” or want to have a special carb dish, take 1tbsp of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water prior to dinner(about 1hr) and eat your desired dish at the end of your meal
  4. If you have experience with fasting- try fasting 24hrs after feasting.  *Remember if you’re new to fasting please do your research/review your options with your health care professionals.

Happy feasting and fasting with fat, friends and family this holiday season.

Your Ketogenic Health Coach and Bloor West Village Chiropractor Serena

Serena Granzotto is passionate about ketogenic nutrition, intermittent fasting, especially as it pertains to overall health and wellness.  Learn more about trading carbs for fats and intermittent fasting in her upcoming educational seminar in Jan 2019.  Learn more and to register HERE.