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What to Expect

Our Nutritionist, Meg Roberts, is a certified Professional Home Economist (P.H.Ec) with the Ontario Home Economist Association and has a bachelor of Applied Science degree in Nutrition and Food Science.  Meg works with you to identify and address your nutrition concerns. She translates current research into easy to understand nutrition counselling. She’ll work with you to provide personalized guidance while ensuring you still enjoy your favourite foods.

During the initial appointment, you’ll meet with Meg to discuss your goals, health history, activity level and eating habits.  As well as, your lifestyle and food preferences. Next, she’ll prepare a tailored plan.  Follow-up appointments vary depending on your needs.

Nutrition Counselling for Families

Our Nutritionist, Meg Roberts, is here to guide you through every stage of parenthood. Meg will work with you to establish a customizable routine that will help you stay on track of all your families food and nutrition goals.  Meg provides the following counselling services to new parents:

– Pregnancy + Post-Pregnancy Nutrition
– Eating Well with a Newborn at Home
– Breastfeeding (0-24 months)
– Introducing the Sensory Aspects of Food
– Introducing Solids (6 months+)
– How to Overcome Picky Eating (6 months+)
– Tracking Growth and Development
– Evaluation of Current Food Intake (6 months+)

*please note that coverage for individual health benefit plans vary for nutrition counselling.  For reimbursement purposes please confirm coverage with your specific provider.

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