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Nutrition Counselling

nutrition counselling

What is the difference between a Registered Dietitian and a Nutritionist?

A registered dietitian is a health profession designation recognized by provincial legislation.  This program comprises a four-year university degree and over one thousand hours of supervised, hands-on training. The title ‘dietitian’ is protected by law, just like physician, nurse or pharmacist. Dietitians are also accountable to provincial regulatory bodies for their professional conduct.

The term ‘nutritionist’ is not regulated, allowing anyone to use the title nutritionist, this creates a wide range of training and practices amongst people who use this term.


What to Expect

Our dietitian, Krista Burns, works with you to identify and address your nutrition concerns. She translates current research into easy to understand nutrition counselling. She’ll work with you to provide personalized guidance while ensuring you still enjoy your favourite foods.

During the initial appointment you’ll meet with Krista to discuss your goals, health history, activity level and eating habits.  As well as, your lifestyle and food preferences. Next she’ll prepare a tailored plan.  Follow-up appointments vary depending on your needs.


Areas of Specialty for Nutrition Counselling

Krista’s areas of interest include infant, child and family focused nutrition including pregnancy and new parents.  Krista helps busy families come up with strategies to plan quick, healthy meals, making dinner preparation efficient.  See Krista’s package options HERE.

Family Nutrition:
-introducing solid foods to your baby
-manage your your picky eaters
-support your active, growing teens
-pregnant women, ensuring they are meeting their unique nutrition needs

Athlete Nutrition:
-develop a healthy eating plan to optimize your training
-tailored plans for endurance sports (cycling, marathoners, triathletes, etc), competitive sports, recreational sports or those wishing to maintain an active lifestyle.
-utilize nutrition for maximal recovery.

Chronic Conditions Nutrition:
-managing blood sugar for diabetes and pre-diabetes
-strategies for managing high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol

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