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Psychotherapy FAQ’s

psychotherapy counselling

What is the difference between a Psychiatrist, Psychologist, and Psychotherapist? 

  • Psychiatrist
    In Canada, a psychiatrist is the only mental health professional that can prescribe medications, and provide diagnoses for mental health disorders (e.g. anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, etc.).
  • Psychologist
    Work with a wide range of clients, and may perform assessments, treatments and research in their specialized area (e.g. learning disorders).
  • Registered Psychotherapist and Registered Social Worker
    Typically provide ‘talk therapy’ as their treatment, and may use a variety of exercises, based on their training and expertise.  Talk therapy is shown to be effective in numerous research studies, and can uncover patterns, belief systems, and support healing in a wide range of mental health concerns. For severe mental illnesses, a combination of medication and psychotherapy is recommended.

Paediatric Therapy – Why might a family see a Registered Social Worker in Private Practice?

1. Access to service right now!
Minimal to no wait times and even sometimes same day appointments are available.

2. Hand Pick
The opportunity to shop around for/personally choose their registered social worker

3. Confidentiality
Registered Social Workers are bound by confidentiality (within the parameters of the law). However, discussing personal topics to someone that is not connected to their school, work etc., allows for progressive more fluid conversations to occur and often the client feels more comfortable and emotionally safe when they are removed from work and/or school environments. 

How confidential are my sessions?

Confidentiality is an important part of a therapeutic relationship and is typically reviewed during the first session. Therapists do everything in their power to protect your confidentiality from any inappropriate disclosure.

Your written and signed consent will be required prior to releasing any information.  Situations that do not require signed authorization, can be:
– if there is a clear and immediate danger to yourself, the client, or any others,
– any legal requirements to release information, or
– if a child needs to be protected.
In cases that you disclose an intention to cause imminent harm to someone else, you must understand that as practitioners in Ontario, have a duty or obligation to uphold.

If using insurance or another party to pay for these therapy sessions, some information may be released, such as the date of the sessions, and attendance. No personal information is disclosed. When sessions are court-ordered, confidentiality is limited, the court can request information that your therapist would be required to disclose.

Our Psychotherapy Team consists of both Registered Psychotherapists and Registered Social Workers.

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