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Stecco Fascial Manipulation

stecco fascial manipulation

Are you suffering from years of chronic pain? Pain that never completely resolved with conventional manual therapy. Unsure what exactly the problem might be? Many people have never heard about myofascia pain. A type of pain that is caused by rigid fascia (connective tissue) that irritates the nerves. In the past 10 years, there has been more clinical research and published study’s dedicated to myofascia pain.

How it works…

Stecco Fascial Manipulation addresses a variety of musculoskeletal dysfunctions. This hands-on technique was developed by Italian physiotherapist named Luigi Stecco. He recognizes that all of our muscles, and nerves, tendons, and organs contain a layer of fascia wrapped around them. When this tissue is healthy it allows for for pain free motion. Aging, injuries, dehydration, over or under use, and trauma can cause these soft tissues to become stiff, and dense. This density can change the mobility of our limbs and soft tissue, which in turn damages our muscles and joints causing chronic pain.

Stecco Fascial Manipulation has been proven to be one of the best approaches to treat the myofascia pain. It uses the concept of Eastern and Western medicines. Unlike, other localised fascia stretching techniques, Stecco Fascial Manipulation treats the mechanical chains of fascia extending through out the body. Allowing for a unique whole body approach. For example, a headache might be caused by fascial restrictions found elsewhere within the fascial chains running through out the body. Such as fascial rigidity in the plantarfascia of the feet. Therefore, releasing the fascia tightness in your feet could relieve the neck tension causing your headache. Treatment results provide greater range of motion, and decrease in overall pain.

The Stecco method is effective in treating new acute, and ongoing chronic injuries.

About Takayoshi Munemoto, RMT

Takayoshi has been passionately pursuing post-graduate courses on Myofasical Release. His most recent accomplishment was studying Stecco Fascial Manipulation techniques in northern Italy, developed by Italian physical therapist Luigi Stecco. This intensive program was comprised of three levels of study over three years.

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