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Webster Technique

webster technique for pregnancy

Webster Technique is beneficial in preparing pregnant women for birth.  This gentle approach addresses the pelvis and SI joints. Thereby allowing for an easier labour, aiding in breech presentations, and easing back and hip discomfort. The Webster Technique is a specific and gentle chiropractic assessment and treatment protocol. Effectively used in pregnancy to facilitate pelvic balance and decrease the stress and strain on the muscles and ligaments attached to the uterus.

By correcting the misalignments and reducing tension of the shortened ligaments, it allows greater room for the baby to position itself in the most optimal position for birth.

An initial appointment includes a detailed intake including a comprehensive history and physical exam. Assessment involves the muscles, joints and ligaments, as well as the Webster Technique analysis. Based on the findings of the assessment, a specific treatment plan is designed to tailor to your specific needs.
Webster Technique adjustments are gentle and can be performed at any stage of pregnancy. Dr. Leib frequently includes soft tissue release for the muscles and ligaments surrounding the pelvis to provide a comprehensive treatment.

Our in-house Prenatal Chiropractor, Dr. Natalie Leib, is Webster certified, as well as having completed training in BirthFit.

About Dr. Natalie Leib

Dr. Leib graduated with honours in 2010. She has a strong clinical background in treating musculoskeletal injuries, spinal conditions, and postural dysfunction. With the common goal of decreasing pain, and restoring function, achieved by one of the many techniques in her toolbox. Since becoming a mother herself, she has developed a passion in helping other Mom’s through out their prenatal and postpartum journey.

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