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Sports Massage

Sports Massage Sports Massage has become quite popular within elite athletes, but is also a common choice among everyday active individuals. Massage Therapy is highly effective for pro athletes, amateurs and even the weekend warrior.  Sports Massage assists in injury rehab, recovery, maintaining flexibility, prevents injuries and aids in maintaining your overall athletic goals.

Sports Massage during training

Massage therapy prior to an event or a game is beneficial for warming up the tissues, stimulating circulation and allowing the athlete to mentally relax prior to competition. Maintenance treatments throughout training allows the athlete to maintain optimal training performance.  Also helpful in reducing chances of injury, that could develop from overuse. This is achieved by reducing soft tissue tension, muscle strain and discomfort.  Specific attention to posture is very beneficial in creating balance within the body, thereby minimizing muscle imbalances and unnecessary strain placed on joints.

Massage after competition can reduce muscle spasm, reduce muscle soreness and tension while flushing lactic acid. All of which assist in recovery. Some common sports injuries that are treated with Massage Therapy are: tendinitis, bursitis, sprains, strains, shin splints, muscle spasm, etc.

Repetitive activity can often create a constant build up of tension within the muscles, and create imbalances in the soft tissues leading to stresses on the joints. Without intervention of some form, whether it’s Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic or Physiotherapy these can become chronic. Chronic muscle tension can also interfere with the athlete’s rate of improvement which hinders training, interferes with competition and impedes performance or leaves them susceptible to developing more serious injuries. Overall Massage Therapy is an effective choice for athletes of all levels to maintain a much healthier physical state.

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